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Bathroom Floor, Architectural Non-Skid Epoxy Floor Coating – concrete floor coating

The flooring project was part of a restroom restoration project. The concrete floor was bare (new slab pour, and fully cured), and water blasted before the epoxy flooring project proceeded. To control off-gassing, the use of Epoxytec B2 Primer (water based epoxy primer) was selected prior to the coating application. Non-Slip 3M Color Quartz Granules […]

Tax dollars spent wisely – DIY manhole rehabilitation

When the City of Plant City, Florida realized that performing simple resurfacing and protecting manholes in-house could stretch their budget, they were drawn to the idea of launching a committed in-house manhole rehabilitation program. “A contractor could take care of everything, but we were already in the field inspecting and grouting leaks and wanted to […]

Condominium Service Level Floor, Concrete Architectural Non-skid Epoxy Floor – L’Hermitage (Fort Lauderdale, FL – USA)

L’Hermitage II – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Lower Level Condominium Service Halls, Loading Docks, Garbage Shoot Floors High Performance, Architectural Non-Skid Quartz Granule Epoxy Floor System February 2, 2004 (performed by an Epoxytec certified applicator) The lower levels of L’Hermitage Condominium required an epoxy system to protect the concrete against corrosives such as detergents, loading […]

Epoxytec Uroflex – Successfully Servicing Sewers

A prime example of quality industry – specific formulations provided by Epoxytec is a proprietary hybrid blending of epoxy and urethane. The result is a potent chemical combination providing the superior adhesive qualities and structural strength of epoxies as well as the flexibility and fluidity associated with urethanes. Once applied, Uroflex establishes a barrier liner […]

Escambia County Transfer Station, Tipping Floor – Rehab & Protection

Escambia County, Solid Waste Transfer Stations Tipping Floor Repair, Re-topping, and Protection Epoxy barrier lining with Epoxytec 17G October 2010 Certified Applicator: Cypress Construction & Coatings, Inc. Municipal solid waste transfer stations across the world have one thing in common, their tipping floors experience some of the worst corrosion in existence; a combination of ultra-high […]

Fire Station, Concrete Floor Coating – Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (Westchester, Florida, USA)

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue – Westchester, Florida, USAWestchester Fire Rescue StationHigh Performance, Non-Skid Architectural Epoxy Floor SystemJanuary 2008(performed by an Epoxytec certified applicator) Westchester is a community within Miami-Dade County, Florida. The County’s Fire & Rescue Department has dozens of stations both old and new. Epoxytec was selected by Miami-Dade Water & Sewer to recommend non-skid […]

Flat Roof, White Elastomeric Coating – The Trump Group (Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

The Trump Group – Miami Beach, Florida, USA404 Washington (South Beach)White Elastomeric Roof CoatingPonding Water Resistance and SealingJanuary 18, 2008 When Taylor & Mathis consulted Epoxytec in search of a simple-to-apply, DIY type roof coating we knew they came to the right place. One characteristic that distinguishes Epoxytec from the competitors is that Epoxytec does […]