Storm Drains & Culverts, NAS JAX – Concrete Rehab and Epoxy Lining

Epoxytec’s product solutions were approved for rehabilitation and lining of box culverts, catch basin vaults, and storm drains NAS JAX Naval Base by Epoxytec Certified Contractor Engineered Lining Systems.

The first part of the project’s scope was to remove compromised existing liners, which included a cured-in-place liner.

Following the removal of the existing liner, the underlying concrete was prepared to SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6.

Some areas of the concrete required a quick mortar rub-down for filling large voids in preparation before the epoxy liner. Using a quick cure, hydraulic cement, such as Epoxytec Hydrxx-3, would provide the right properties and cure time.

NAS JAX Culvert Repair
Removing Liner

The liner chosen for the rehabilitation and corrosion barrier was the Epoxytec CPP lining system. 2-part, epoxy liner for filling, coatings, and restoring concrete.

The CPP is a trowel-applied epoxy. Once cured, provides corrosion resistance, stops I&I, and restores concrete to an original profile with structural 16,000 psi compressive strength.

CPP provides crews with a perfect lining system for limited access areas requiring minimal blasting to prevent airborne dust, and a safe environment to work with zero VOCs.

When completed, the concrete was repaired, structurally reinforced, resurfaced, and lined all-in-one-shot with 1/8″ (125 mils) of Epoxytec CPP.

Mortar Rub Down

CPP Culvert
CPP Epoxy