Manhole Chimney Seals, Kentucky Horse Park- Rehab with Structural Epoxy Coating

Epoxytec and their certified contractor were called upon to rehabilitate some manhole chimneys that were corroding and leaking. The area of the chimney can be a tricky part to rehab as there are typically many active leaks to deal with, as well as, movement from the ground and freeze/ thaw.

Manholes at the Kentucky Horse Park are not always easily accessible, as you can see below, and rehab can be difficult. Epoxytec suggested a product that uses little mobilization, that’s easy to use, and also works in such a harsh environment. Epoxytec recommends that Epoxytec CPP be utilized, it is the best product for this type of application.

Kentucky Hard Location to Reach Manhole Rehab

Epoxytec CPP is a two-component structural epoxy paste. It is a moisture insensitive, highly adhesive 100% solids epoxy with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). After hydro blasting all loose and contaminated concrete, a mortar was applied to cover any major voids in the concrete and give a sound substrate for the Epoxytec CPP to be applied.

Epoxytec CPP comes in two-part kits which are easy to transport. It also needs very few tools to mix and apply. A drill, mixing bit, trowels, and some water are about the only things necessary to apply this product which makes Epoxytec CPP ideal for this application.

Once the Epoxytec CPP is troweled onto the substrate, it can be smoothed down with your hand and water to give it a nice smooth finish. Not only does it look good, but this type of finish also helps prevent the build-up of contaminants on the walls that could enhance corrosion of the substrate.

Epoxytec CPP is great for sealing chimneys as it has the perfect balance between compressive strength, flexibility, and adhesion which most other epoxies would fail.