Manhole Restoration Using Epoxytec’s Mortartec and Uroflex Combination

Four precast manholes on the private residential property of Wynnewood Terrace Development, in Laurys Station, PA were highly corroded and in need of repair. All four manholes were 4’ in diameter and averaged between 4’ and 10’ in depth. Because of their location, the repairs needed to be quick and effective so as to not disturb the residents of this community.

Wynnewood Manhole Rehad
Wynnewood Sanitary Sewer Rehab

Eric Schellhamer of Lehigh County Authority contacted Marilyn Baron of Epoxytec, a manufacturer of epoxies and protective coatings, to find a solution that would restore the manholes and protect them against damage from future H2S attacks. Ms. Baron suggested the use of Epoxytec’s Mortartec Silicate in combination with Epoxytec’s Uroflex. The Mortartec Silicate would repair the deterioration that had already occurred, while the Uroflex would shield against further destruction.

MCSP, the contractor involved in this project, was contacted to complete the application. A high-power water blast of 3,500 PSI was used to prepare the surface. Wire brushing, in conjunction with a cleaning agent, was also used to neutralize the substrate. Once the surface preparation for each manhole was complete, Mortartec Silicate was applied by trowel at 1/8”. Mortartec Silicate is a uniquely formulated semi-flexible and urethane-modified-epoxy coating and liner with high-performance protective corrosion resistance and sealing properties.

The Mortartec Silicate cured for 24 hours then two coats of Uroflex at 20 mils each were applied by brush. Uroflex is a hybrid technology coating with outperforming protective corrosion resistance. It is formulated to be “green,” providing an environmentally friendly coating that is 100% solid (no VOCs, no solvents). The Uroflex coating system is easy to apply by spray, brush, or roller and conveniently mixes in a 1-to-1 ratio by volume. It self-levels and can be applied up to 65 mils per coat. For long-term maintainability, the Uroflex coating ties back into itself indefinitely with no need for re-blasting or abrasion.

All four manholes were restored in a timely manner using these top-of-the-line products that will ensure long-lasting protection for the residents of Wynnewood Terrace Development.

Wynnewood Manhole Rehab Uroflex