Brick Sewer Manhole made Stronger than New

Wardsville, Missouri is located in Cole County, about five miles south of Jefferson City. The population of this village municipality has doubled in the past 10 years, but it has still remained a quaint, small-town, country ambiance.

Many of the sanitary sewer manholes in this small municipality were originally built of brick and are in need of attention due to the effects of corrosion. This 4’ diameter by 10’ deep brick manhole was one such manhole. The structure had irregular bricks and was missing mortar. Structural rehabilitation was necessary in order to restore the integrity of the sanitary sewer manhole.

The Town of Wardsville commissioned Mid-Mo Environmental to complete the task of rehabilitating this sanitary sewer manhole. Mid-Mo Environmental specializes in waste management. The company is a certified contractor of Epoxytec, a manufacturer of epoxies, urethanes, and related products specialized for the water and wastewater industries. Upon examination of the structure, Mid-Mo Environmental, in conjunction with Marilyn Baron, Epoxytec’s representative, determined that the combination of Epoxytec’s Mortartec Ceramico and Epoxytec’s CPP would be the best solution to restore this manhole.