Uroseal 45V

Product Description

Uroseal 45V is recommended for vertical and overhead expansion joints for roadways, slabs, airport runways & taxi ways, ring seals (ie: manhole chimney seals, pipe joints, etc – H2S resistance up to 800ppm), and industrial & commercial floor slabs. It serves well as an impermeable compound for sealing and as a joint sealant for secondary containment structures.

In addition, when used as a coating, the material offers a monolithic lining solution.

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  • Elastomeric
  • High build, hanging vertical and overhead
  • Industrial chemical resistance

Product Applications

Industrial-grade elastomer, chemically resistant, sealed polyurethane joint for overhead and vertical applications.

Typical Uses


  • Manhole chimney seals
  • Pipe joints
  • Tank joints
  • Expansion joints


Surface Prep

The success of any coating application is directly proportional to the completeness of the substrate preparation and the care the application crew puts into the application. Surface must be clean and sound. Remove all dust, contaminants, grease, curing compounds, rust, impregnation, waxes, foreign particles, and disintegrated materials from the surface, in order to achieve a clean and profiled surface.

Concrete: Prepare the concrete by abrasive blasting, high pressure water cleaning, and/or approved mechanical method to achieve clean, sound, and profiled concrete. Prepare concrete in accordance with SSPC-SP 13/NACE No. 6. “Surface Preparation of Concrete.” Please consult with Epoxytec for a recommended concrete primer.

Steel: Before preparing steel, please inspect and remove oil, grease, or other contaminants – “Solvent Cleaning” (SSPC-SP1) may be required. Remove all sharp peaks, including weld spatter. Abrasive blasting (or other approved mechanical methods) must be used in order to achieve a clean surface with a minimum profile of 3 mils. Please utilize an Epoxytec recommended primer.

Wood: Remove all grease, oil, dirt or other foreign matter by solvent or detergent washing. Prepare wood surface by abrasive sanding and washing (allow to dry and prime using an Epoxytec recommended primer).

Application Method

To a large extent, the design of the joint depends upon a variety of factors such as the maximum expansion and contraction of the surface materials due to thermal change. Where possible Uroseal 45V should be applied when the joint is at its median opening so as to obtain the greatest efficiency with subsequent joint movement. The dimension of the joint to be sealed must be established in relation to service conditions.

Uroseal 45V has been tested for bond durability at +/- 50% joint movement and exhibited no adhesive or cohesive failure. However, industry standards dictate that joint and width design should not exceed 25% movement.

The joint width may be determined by calculating the change in size of the joint between high and low temperature extremes and multiplying the change by a factor of four.

In deep joints, the sealant depth should be controlled by the use of joint-fillers or back-up materials. The back-up material must be compressible, such as a foam Backer-Rod. Where the depth of the joint does not permit use of the Backer-Rod materials, a bond breaker tape is recommended to prevent three-point bonding. To maintain recommended sealant depth, Backer-Rod’s installed by compressing and rolling it into a joint channel without stretching lengthwise. Backer-Rod should be about 1/8” larger in diameter than the width of the joint to allow for compression.  Uroseal™ 45V does not adhere to the Backer-Rod, and no separate bond breaker is required.

Important: Never use fillers/joint bond breaker material impregnated with oils, asphalt, or tar.

Uroseal 45V is supplied in a gel consistency. It can be worked by hand directly from the container, transferred to smaller containers, or applied by bulk caulking gun or pumped.

Priming: Consult with Epoxytec for recommended primer.

Mixing: Uroseal 45V is a two-component material that requires thorough mixing before the application. Proper mixing is achieved using a heavy duty, slow speed drill, and a mixing paddle such as a “Jiffy Mixer.” Four minutes of mixing is adequate to ensure a homogeneous mix. Mix units in entirety.

Cleaning: Immediately remove all excess, uncured sealant adjacent to the joint with solvent.


Film Thickness

Hangs up to 1″ vertically, and ½” overhead.

Storage & Handling
6 months, sealed.

Uroseal 45V

Epoxytec Uroseal 45V is a two component polyurethane joint sealant. Aliphatic, chemically curing, 100% solid urethane sealant formulated as a high build coating / joint sealing system.

Once cured, the material forms a high quality elastomeric sealant. Uroseal 45V is ideally suited for indoors or outdoors with use on concrete, wood, and most construction materials. Uroseal 45V produces a flexible, long-lasting sealant with extraordinary adhesion, cohesion, and elasticity that resists deterioration caused by weathering, stress, movement, water, oils, and many chemicals. Provides corrosion protection and chemical resistance; and because of its mixed gel-state, it is especially designed for use on vertical and overhead applications.