CPP Sprayliner:
New Construction Asset Protection

Georgia-based contractor Select Precast, an Epoxytec Certified Applicator, applied Epoxytec Series 456 CPP Sprayliner to line new construction of an Effingham, Georgia pump station, two adjacent manholes, and a force main. Surface preparation included abrasive blasting to achieve a profile of ICRI CSP 5, followed by the spray application ofSeries 456 CPP Sprayliner at 125 mils using heated, plural component spray equipment.

As a high-strength applied and bonded lining solution for new construction or deteriorated and fatigued infrastructure, Epoxytec’s CPP Sprayliner protects and seals the substrate from inflow and infiltration as well as corrosive sewer gasses, prolonging the lifespan of this infrastructure. 

A subsidiary of Tnemec Company, Inc., Epoxytec provides customers access to Tnemec’s knowledgeable rep network and aid from Tnemec’s technical service department. Feedback about this support is consistently favorable, as was the case with these Effingham collection system assets. 

“Epoxytec’s service and support has been excellent.” Randy Jones, Owner of Select Precast.