Wildwood Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabiliation

ECAN-certified contractor RCM Utilities successfully applied CPP Trowel-Liner to sewer manholes in The Villages of Central Florida, Sumter County. These manholes had exhibited signs of deterioration due to inflow and infiltration (I&I) and exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Epoxytec’s Series 454 CPP Trowel-Liner is a solution that is commonly used for manhole rehabilitation projects. This product is designed as an ultra-high build, high-strength, trowel-applied fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) epoxy system and is ideal for combating inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues in underground systems. CPP Trowel-Liner is known for its ease of application: it does not require pump equipment, making it a particularly attractive option for applicators new to Epoxytec products.

For these Sumter County manholes, surface preparation was completed at a specified 5000 PSI high-pressure water cleaning. CPP Trowel-Liner was then applied at the minimum specification of 125 mils. A damp roller was used to achieve a smooth finish.

This project was RCM Utilities’ first experience using Epoxytec’s CPP Trowel-Liner, therefore they experienced a slight learning curve regarding the mixing, handling, and application methods. Epoxytec’s support was instrumental in this process, and the on-site guidance provided by Tnemec representative Barry Passeser was highly valued and appreciated by RCM Utilities. The project manager’s feedback after the site visit highlighted the crew’s readiness for effective utilization of Epoxytec’s products.

“Thanks for taking the time to come by the jobsite—the crew got a lot out of it. We are looking forward to having great success with Epoxtyec.” – Bob Baker, RCM Utilities Project Manager.  This exemplary rehabilitation project showcases both the application capabilities of CPP Trowel-Liner in challenging environments and the effectiveness of collaboration between Epoxytec and its certified applicator network.