Quality Applicators, Using Quality Controls, Lead To 
Quality Outcomes

When the City of Nanaimo, BC, Canada began looking for a contractor to rehabilitate their underground sewer infrastructure, they considered various applicators for the job.

After vetting several options, they found that Stray Cat Industrial Services, Ltd. stood out for numerous reasons, including the fact that they were AMPP-certified coating inspectors and part of Epoxytec’s Certified Applicator Network (ECAN). This certification puts them within a group of qualified contractors. Contractors within Epoxytec’s ECAN network are thoroughly trained professionals who set the standard for sanitary sewer rehabilitation. Reliable assessment, thorough surface preparation, use of proven products, and quality controls (including spark and pull testing) are all part of their everyday protocol.

Furthermore, because hydrogen sulfide (H2S) had degraded the concrete of a particular sanitary sewer manhole (28 feet x 6 feet) rebuilding it became paramount. Stray Cat Industrial Services presented the City of Nanaimo with the option of using mortar to build back the degraded concrete before using an epoxy liner to seal and protect it. This option was not presented by any of the alternative contractors.

Additionally, other contractors were offering polyurea options, as opposed to epoxy products. Wayne Roulston, Lead Supervisor of Wastewater Collection for the City of Nanaimo’s Public Works Department, expressed concern with those polyurea options: “We have used many different products, including polyureas, and have had issues with pinholes and poor adhesion.” The combination of the proven structural epoxy option, in the form of Series 456 CPP Sprayliner, and application by a certified contractor gave the City of Nanaimo the confidence to proceed with Stray Cat Industrial’s proposal.

After surface preparation was completed per the product specifications, a 1” mortar, Tnemec Series 217, was hand-applied. “The mortar applications were successful by achieving proper surface pH and adhesion to the existing manhole concrete,” Mr. Roulston reported. Shortly after the mortar application and preparation, Epoxytec’s Series 456 CPP Sprayliner was spray-applied using Graco XP70 plural component spray equipment. This bonded lining, with its high-strength, is designed specifically for wastewater infrastructure and has been a proven solution for over three decades.

Upon completion, Mr. Roulston expressed his satisfaction with the service provided: “I’m pleased to say that Stray Cat Industrial Services Ltd. executed well under the extreme heat and in dealing with H2S levels above standard practice.” Not only were they happy with the applicator, but they were pleased with the favorable results provided by the Epoxytec products. As noted by Mr. Roulston, “The end product is amazing!”