Benefits of a Certified Applicator Network


A growing trend in the rehabilitation industry is the certification of contractors, particularly in the design of rehab and lining systems aimed at safeguarding infrastructure from corrosion and Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). Manufacturers like Epoxytec are increasingly requiring contractor certification for the application of their products, for several good reasons.

All stakeholders in rehabilitation projects—engineers, owners, manufacturers, and contractors—stand to gain from a manufacturer’s comprehensive certification program.

The advantages start with the specification process, in which engineers can use precise and comprehensive language to delineate provisions, ensuring quality control, collaboration among stakeholders, and cost benefits. The emphasis on certified contractors at this stage is crucial. Engineers are supporting this approach by including stringent clauses in specifications, often prequalifying contractors before accepting bids. Requiring bidders to be certified by the manufacturer sets the project on a positive trajectory.

A well-structured certification program like the one utilized by Epoxytec encompasses various elements to enhance the success of any project using the manufacturer’s product. Contractors gain insight into the intricacies of the products, covering surface preparation, mixing, and application procedures. This proactive learning enables contractors to specialize in using these products, improving implementation in numeroius of ways:

Cost Benefits: Through the certification program, contractors become familiar with product coverage and material costs, leading to more accurate estimates and bids. This familiarity helps avoid product loss due to error, saving money for the owner.

Quality Control: Certified contractors are better able to address craftsmanship issues, making real-time adjustments in the field, enforcing specifications, and adapting to unforeseen conditions. The collaboration between manufacturers, owners, and other parties ensures proper product application.

Experience: Certified contractors possess experience working with the specified products, avoiding the learning curve associated with unfamiliar materials.

Cooperation: Contractors with established relationships with manufacturers and knowledge of product terminology ensure effective communication in the event of unforeseen issues.

Warranty: Many manufacturers now offer warranties, a significant benefit for engineers in the specification process. However, to honor warranties, manufacturers often require contractor certification.

Using certified contractors during the specification bid process is a practice embraced by Epoxytec and many manufacturers in the industry. Epoxytec recognizes that certified contractors in its network are responsive, share the same values of customer satisfaction, and are well-versed in industry standards of preparation, application, and inspection.