All in a Day’s Work

When Epoxytec’s ECAN mobile unit pulls up to a job site, you know that a quality application will follow! This concrete manhole was rehabilitated to like-new condition as part of a pilot program for the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

A week prior to application, Mongan Painting, members of Epoxytec’s Certified Applicator Network (ECAN), prepared and repaired the substrate. The concrete was abrasive brush blasted, then pressure cleaned, in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6, “Surface Preparation of Concrete.” Additionally, patch work was completed, and low-pressure water seepage was plugged using Epoxytec’s hydraulic cement, Hydrxx-3, which has a cure time of approximately three to five minutes.

A week later, this clean, sound, and profiled concrete was ready for Epoxytec’s technical service crew to quickly mobilize, alongside Mongan Painting, to line the structure using Epoxytec’s Series 456 CPP Sprayliner at 200–250 mils. Upon completion, per the City of Kansas City requirements, a spark test was completed. The passing results ensuring the application was pinhole free.

This seamless spray-on application proved uneventful, in the best kind of way. The crew was in and out within a day and able to move on to the next needy manhole rehabilitation situation.