Hats Off for a Job Well Done

Spring is upon us, and we can finally begin to say goodbye to the woes of winter. In certain areas of the country, contractors can also bid farewell to some of the additional steps they need to consider during those harsh winter months.

Southern Painting & Maintenance Specialist dealt with some of those winter woes back in December when they rehabilitated this severely deteriorated concrete wet well, located in Brunswick County, North Carolina, due to issues associated with years of inflow and infiltration (I&I).

Experienced contractors like Southern Painting & Maintenance Specialist understand that dealing with weather is just part of the job. To address the cold ambient temperatures, they built a tent around the wet well and provided heat to keep the temperatures at 75°F. In addition, the materials were also heated in a trailer. These extra steps led to a successful application that began with an abrasive blast (ICRI CSP5). Once the substrate was thoroughly prepared, Epoxytec’s CPP was then trowel applied at 125+ mils, leaving a smooth and uniform finish that met the expectations of both the general contractor and the owner. Because the Epoxytec products used for this project were trowel-applied, there was no need for special equipment and the asset was returned to service in a week’s time. 

Winter months will be upon us again soon enough, and methods like these will once again be necessary. However, in the meantime, the spring and summer months pose a different set of problems related to keeping substrates and materials cool, rather than warm. Although the reasons are the opposite, many of the same techniques can be used: creating a covered space for the working area, using supplemental air to cool, and considering how the ambient temperature will affect curing times (refer to the product data sheet for details).

Qualified applicators such as Southern Painting & Maintenance have worked with a variety of coating products and thus have a good gauge from which to compare the attributes and qualities of CPP Trowel-Liner. Steve Elliott, Director of Southern Painting & Maintenance Specialist noted that they were pleased with how easy Epoxytec’s CPP Trowel-Liner was to apply, “The product proved to trowel on great, the material and time allocation was spot on and so was the budget.” Due to the success of this project, Southern Painting & Maintenance plans to expand its portfolio of products by joining Epoxytec’s Certified Applicator Network (ECAN) and attending Epoxytec’s upcoming training session to learn more about spray application methods of Epoxytec’s structural liners.

Hats off to Southern Painting & Maintenance Specialist for a job well done in chilly weather conditions!