New Construction, Old Challenges

Whether rehabilitating existing infrastructure or lining new construction, the result should be the same. This was the case for this concrete wet well and 13 manholes in Cedar City, UT. The desired outcome for this infrastructure within this new housing community was a lining selection that would be easy to apply while offering high-build characteristics including acid resistance and Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) aversion to protect, line, and seal.

Degan Construction, LLC, an Epoxytec certified applicator since 2019, has the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle underground infrastructure lining and rehabilitation with all those criteria in mind. Utilizing Epoxytec’s CPP Sprayliner, Degan Construction was able to create a sealed barrier system for Cedar City’s infrastructure by lining it with this fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) product, which is known for its high strength. Because CPP Sprayliner is applied by plural component spray equipment, it allowed for high productivity, enabling Degan to line consecutive manholes efficiently.

Each substrate was first abrasive blasted with glass to a CSP 5+ profile. Then, using the plural component equipment, Degan Construction spray-applied CPP Sprayliner at 250 mils, leaving these structures sealed from I&I and protected from H2S.

As with most coating projects, this one did not proceed without its distinct set of challenges. “We were given a very strict timeline to be in and out of the job site so that the homes being tied into this system could be given to the new homeowners,” noted Jorge Garcia, Coating Superintendent. “There were many unusual circumstances that could have derailed this project, including the fact that on the first day of the application, it snowed and rained.” However, despite all the unforeseen challenges that presented themselves, Degan Construction carried on. “We were able to keep on schedule and delivered on the day we projected to finish,” commented Garcia.

The product selection of CPP Sprayliner by Degan Construction was well-suited to proactively treat these manholes and the wet well. Rather than waiting for corrosive issues to present themselves, having infrastructure that is prepared to handle I&I and corrosion from inception will guarantee a return on investment for years to come.