Epoxytec Products Make Manhole Rehab Easy


In Santa Barbara, CA, four brick and concrete manholes needed rehabilitation due to minor root intrusions and mild body deterioration caused by gas exposure. There was no outside water infiltration, so this was an easy rehab project for contractor V. Lopez Jr. & Sons G.E.C., Inc., provider of general engineering contracting services throughout California and the Central Coast since 1979. Using Epoxytec’s manhole rehab solutions would make this manhole rehab project straightforward.


Epoxytec’s manhole rehabilitation solutions have been proven in the wastewater market for over two decades. Mortartec Ceramico for rehabilitation combined with Epoxytec’s CPP Liner for protection creates an ideal system for manhole rehabilitation. Mortartec Ceramico provides a specific balance of Portland cement, hardened ceramics, graded silica aggregate, synthetic fibers, and silica fume to produce one of the most coveted mortars for rehabilitation. A top coat of Epoxytec’s CPP provides the protection necessary for the harshest environments. This two-component liner is moisture-insensitive, highly adhesive, and chemical resistant. It is a 100% solids, high-strength epoxy paste with superior adhesion. Epoxytec provides this product in both trowelable and sprayable forms for application.


Lopez Jr. & Sons began the application by removing loose materials from the interior of the manhole. Next, they used a high-pressure wash on the entire interior surface. The following day, Mortartec Ceramico was installed over deteriorated areas throughout the manholes. Parts A & B were premixed, then Part C was slowly added for the final mixture of Ceramico. The surface was dampened using a sprayer with clean water before the Ceramico was spread over the deteriorated areas with a hand trowel and all gaps and voids were filled. Then the surface was smoothed with a damp sponge in preparation for the CPP installation.

The following day, CPP was applied at 250 mills over all the manholes with a hand trowel. The crew constantly checked the mill gauge to ensure 250 mills were reached consistently.


No unusual factors or time constraints affected this project. The outside temperature was a mild 70°–79° F, with no rain and low humidity all week. The entire project lasted five working days, and the fact that there were no major obstacles to contend with, an experienced contractor was on the job, and proven products were used made this rehabilitation project a slam dunk.

“Epoxytec products are easy to use and extremely durable. Customers are very pleased with the product and the overall look. I can’t wait to introduce more customers to these great products!” – Butch Lopez, Project Manager and Treasurer, V. Lopez Jr. & Sons G.E.C., Inc.