The Township of Exeter, Berks County, PA Wastewater Dept. Epoxytec’s Newest DIY Municipailty

Exeter Township in Berks County, PA is the third most populous municipality in this Eastern Pennsylvania County, with a population of 25,550 (based on the 2010 Census.) It covers an area of 24.4 sq. miles.

The Wastewater Department maintains the wastewater collection system and operates the treatment plant. Paul A. Herb, Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, and H. David Miller, Assistant Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, runs this 13-person department. The plant is manned 10 hours a day, seven days a week, and is computer-monitored the rest of the time.

The department is equipped with eight trucks, a backhoe, and a TV camera for monitoring. The Township spends $35,000 a year to digitally monitor and seal mains in an ongoing effort to reduce I&I (Inflow and Infiltration). The Wastewater Department crew handles repairs to the Township’s mains and laterals.  Like many municipalities of this size, proactively maintaining sewer lines and manhole structures can be daunting; departments across the country seek methods and budgets to address H2S (hydrogen sulfide) and I&I issues across collection systems.  Epoxytec targets municipalities similar in size to Exeter Township that also demonstrate certain capabilities and a culture to tackle projects in-house.  Using a system specifically designed to be forgiving, safe, and effective for rehab and lining, Epoxytec offers a comprehensive training program to local townships and cities that want to execute rehab and lining themselves. The result is immediate cost savings and the installation of high-performance solutions to eliminate I&I and protect systems from H2S for the long term.

The secret weapon for DIY manhole rehab is the combination of great DIY products and training.  The Epoxytec Structural Epoxy System for Manholes, with its flagship product Epoxytec CPP, provides a best-in-class, high performance epoxy used to restore and line concrete or brick, all in one shot.

In addition, the system is applied by trowel (so there’s no need for complex equipment), safe (no VOCs), and designed to last (withstanding high hydrostatic I&I, and resistant to high H2S).  Recently, Exeter Township joined Epoxytec’s family of DIY municipalities after the Wastewater Department staff was trained by Epoxytec’s Marilyn Baron on the use of CPP to rehabilitate the Township’s many manholes.

Epoxytec welcomes the Township of Exeter to our network of DIY municipalities and looks forward to a growing relationship led by Marilyn Baron, Epoxytec’s Northeast representative.

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