Whitpain Township Joins Epoxytec’s Growing DIY Program

Whitpain Township, located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania is rated as one of the best places to live in the Philadelphia Suburbs. In efforts to continue lowering costs and improving time management for their township’s Public Works Department, Whitpain has joined a network of Epoxytec Do-It-Yourself municipalities for rehab and lining of their sewer infrastructure.

Epoxytec’s DIY program is available for municipal crews seeking to rehab and install protective lining for collection system manholes and access structures. Whitpain Township’s Sewer Department, led by Sewer Superintendent  Gus Belmont and his Assistant Superintendent Ron Fricker, is exceptionally proactive. The department maintains roughly 150 miles of underground sanitary sewers and seven pumping stations. Whitpain completes the majority of its repairs in-house utilizing the city’s maintenance crew and resources. They will begin using Epoxytec’s highly advanced, easily applied products in the Spring of 2015.  The system choice will be the Epoxytec Structural Epoxy Lining system for manhole rehab.

Epoxytec has developed its DIY Program from years of partnering with various municipalities such as Whitpain Township, in an effort to support crews interested in self-applying. In addition to the support and guidance Epoxytec provides, its products are proven and backed by years of testing The products undergo EPA-ETV testing, CIGMAT testing, and verified technologies for I&I elimination and corrosion lining. Furthermore, the products that are selected for DIY are 100% solid, no VOCs, and are formulated to be tolerant and with ease of application.

Epoxytec welcomes Whitpain Township to their network of DIY municipalities and looks forward to a growing relationship led by Marilyn Baron, Epoxytec’s N.E. representative.