In-House Manhole Rehabilitation Saves the City of Hollywood Money and Time

Epoxytec, in conjunction with the City of Hollywood, Florida, worked to save the City valuable time and money by utilizing its already existent maintenance crew to rehabilitate two deteriorating manholes. Your city’s maintenance crew can do the same.

Before Hollywood’s crew began on-sight training, the maintenance crew was given a demonstration at their warehouse facility.  Epoxytec CPP would be used to line and protect the manhole, therefore, the crew learned about the features of the product.

Epoxytec CPP is ideal for manhole rehabilitation projects; it’s ease of application and functionality
make it simple for city maintenance crews to use and master.

Epoxytec CPP is mixed in a per-proportioned kit, it is easy to apply (cold trowelable), it can be applied to 100% moisture saturated concrete and can cure underwater.  Furthermore, it can be used as a one coat liner and re-builder, its 16,000 psi compressive strength makes it ideal for a structural rebuild.  Additionally, the product is 100% solid, with no solvents, therefore, it emits no VOCs.

Following the demonstration and training, the crew was ready to move forward with the project and the first manhole was water blasted.

Manhole Rehabilitation Prep

City of Hollywood maintenance crew water blasting the first manhole of two, in preparation to apply Epoxytec CPP.

Generally speaking, if concrete is sound, Epoxytec recommends a minimum 5,000 psi water blasting for application of CPP.

Members of the crew alternated applying the coating to the walls and bench of the first manhole.  Epoxytec recommends application at 100 mils DFT, as a minimum application thickness for this product.

Manhole Rehabilitation Application

Maintenance crew member from the City of Hollywood applying Epoxytec CPP in a manhole. “It’s easy to use, you need minimal supplies and it can all be done in a few hours.”

At the end of the first day on-site, the crew was trained and had partially completed coating of the first manhole.

Ideally,  when training is complete, the crew would be capable of completing a manhole
in three to four hours.

Manhole Rehabilitation Partially

The first manhole was partially lined after the first day.

Day two of the project involved much of the same.  The crew finished coating the first manhole, which was partially completed the day prior. Because Epoxytec CPP ties into itself indefinitely and has no re-coat window, it was very easy for the crew to pick up where it had left off the day before. Within a short amount of time (less than an hour) the first manhole was completed, and the crew was ready to move on.

The second manhole was then prepped and cleaned. This manhole was comprised of rough brickwork on the chimney. This brickwork required resurfacing with hydraulic cement (such as Mortartec Hydrxx) or other products from the Epoxytec Mortartec Series. The purpose of using the hydraulic cement was to minimize the amount of epoxy that would be needed to coat the area.

Manhole Rehabilitation Brick

Second Manhole – Rough brick surface is very evident and must be addressed before CPP application

Manhole Rehabilitation Ready

After Resurfacing with Hydraulic Cement, the manhole was ready to coat

Hollywood’s crew then mixed CPP’s two gallon kit which is ideal for larger areas. The crew applied two consecutive kits of Epoxytec CPP onto the surface of the manhole and lined the entire structure. The lining took approximately 2 hours to complete.
Manhole Rehabilitation Lined

First Manhole Completed: Lined with Epoxytec CPP

Manhole Rehabilitation Coated

Second Manhole Completed with Epoxytec CPP.

In conclusion… with a small maintenance crew of three to four people and minimal training,
any city can complete a similar manhole lining and rehabilitation project.

In general, the breakdown to complete rehab on a 6’ manhole is as follows:
–  Water blast and prep (approximately 20 minutes)
–  Set up all equipment while surface dries (30 minutes)
–  Resurface any exceptionally rough areas such as brick with hydraulic cement (approximately one hour)
–  Once mortar has cured, apply CPP (Approximately 1-2 hours)
–  Replace manhole cover and return to service


The total estimated time from start to finish
for completing a manhole rehabilitation project using Epoxytec CPP
is 3-4 hours, with an estimated cost of $500.


The training and initial CPP application for rehabilitation of the above described manholes in the City of Hollywood was a success.  Similar cities, with maintenance crews, can utilize the resources they already have to solve an ongoing problem of manhole deterioration and thus save their city time and money.

Trowel-applied, Structural Epoxy for use in manhole rehabilitation
July 2009
Epoxytec DIY Program – municipal

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