CPP Sprayable

Product Description

Epoxytec CPP Sprayable is a two-component moisture insensitive, highly adhesive, chemical resistant, 100% solids, high strength epoxy with superior adhesion. Formulated for ultra-high build applications as a stand-alone protective liner. Able to be heated to pump and spray out of specialized equipment (1:1 by volume).  CPP Sprayable bonds to concrete, steel, stone, wood, brick, and most construction materials.


  • 100% solids, no VOCs
  • Convenient 1:1 ratio
  • Indefinite recoat window
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Structural, with movement tolerance
  • No sag, ultra-high build, trowel-applied
  • Surface & moisture tolerant (cures underwater)
  • Ultra-high adhesion, self-priming

Product Applications

  • Concrete repair and protection
  • Chemical resistant liner
  • Ultra high moisture, wet solution
  • Industrial and treatment structures, tanks, pipes, stations, manholes, etc.
Typical Uses

CPP Sprayable has been designed to line many aggressive, enclosed, immersive, and partially opened environments. CPP Sprayable performs in areas subject to chemical attack, and as a sealer preventing oxidation while holding back water migration and hydrostatic pressure.

Ideally suited as a protective coating/lining solution for:

  • Concrete repair and protection
  • Chemical resistant liner
  • Ultra high moisture, wet solution
  • Industrial and treatment structures, tanks, pipes, stations, manholes, etc. (ultra-high hydrogen sulfide [H2S] resistance [+800ppm] and resistant to sulfuric byproduct)
Surface Prep

The success of any coating application is directly proportional to the completeness of the substrate preparation and the care the application crew puts into the application. Surface must be clean and sound. Remove all dust, contaminants, grease, curing compounds, rust, impregnation, waxes, foreign particles, and disintegrated materials from the surface, in order to achieve a clean and profiled surface.

Concrete: Prepare the concrete by abrasive blasting, high pressure water cleaning, and/or approved mechanical method to achieve clean, sound, and profiled concrete. When logistics permit, prepare concrete in accordance with SSPC-SP 13/NACE No. 6. “Surface Preparation of Concrete.”

Steel: Before preparing steel, please inspect and remove oil, grease, or other contaminants – “Solvent Cleaning” (SSPC-SP1) may be required. Abrasive blasting (or other approved mechanical methods) must be used in order to achieve a clean surface with a minimum profile of 1.5 mils. To prevent flash rusting, consider the use of an Epoxytec recommended holding primer

Application Method

Epoxytec CPP Sprayable is designed to be hand sprayed using a Kremlin Rexson / EXCEL PU3000+E System or similar. This is a fully heated, plural component system with recirculating and agitating heated hoppers up to 160F, materials flow through separate part A and part B continuously heated hoses. Mixing occurs in a static chamber prior to a single whip hose; and must have purging capability through the mixing chamber, the whip hose and spray gun. The system must be fixed ratio of 1:1 by volume with a minimum of 25 gallon preheating holding capacity for each part of material. Further detailed spraying equipment specifications can be obtained by select vendors.

Epoxytec limits the sale of Epoxytec CPP Sprayable until all equipment and know-how is validated by one of Epoxytec’s certified equipment vendors and consultants. In addition, Epoxytec only recommends select, Epoxytec CPP Sprayable certified consulting vendors/distributors to validate the equipment and know-how prior to fulfilling any production or sales order. For detailed spray equipment specifications, heating, pressure, power, hose specs, purging/cleaning requirements or designs- contact Epoxytec for a list of Epoxytec CPP Sprayable certified equipment vendors/distributors.

Kit comes with A component and B component separately.

Purge and clean with Epoxytec Cut 5 solvent.

Film Thickness

CPP Sprayable can be applied as a single coat or multi-coat system. It can sprayed to a minimum 100 mils up to a high build barrier liner at 350 mils DFT without sag per coat. For applications requiring thicker lining, multiple passes may be utilized.

light coarse - orange peel (depending on heat & tips)
Mix Ratio
Product Type
proprietary hybrid fiber-reinforced-polymer (epoxy/epoxide)
Soilds by Volume
Solvent VOC
POT Type
30 min. (77F / 200 g mass)
Compressive Strength
16,000 psi
Flexural Strength
7,630 psi
Adhesion Strength (Concrete Dry)
substrate failure
Adhesion Strength (Concrete Wet)
substrate failure
Adhesion Strength (Steel)
1,500 psi
Water Absorption
< 0.1 g/sq.m.
Tensile Strength
8,900 psi
Potable Drinking Water
NSF Certified
Acid Exposure
Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure
Flexural Modulus
600,000 psi
Complete Cure
18 hours (77F)
Temperature Exposure (Dry)
5F ‐ 180F
Temperature Exposure (Wet)
32F ‐ 180F
Gel Time
25 min. (120F) 10 min. w/ flash exotherm (140F)

CPP Sprayable

Epoxytec CPP Sprayable is a two-component moisture insensitive, highly adhesive, chemical resistant, 100% solids, high strength and reinforced structural-grade epoxy liner. Equal to “standard” CPP once cured, this version is packaged more conveniently for spray applicators seeking to utilize plural-component heated spray application means. Blended with reinforcing agents and various fibers, the Epoxytec CPP Sprayable when cured creates reinforcement as a fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP), with high flexural properties. CPP Sprayable bonds to concrete, steel, wood, brick, some plastics and most construction materials.

The CPP Sprayable technology is unique and proprietary, allowing for a polymer with outperforming performance in protection, adhesion and tolerance. CPP Sprayable is environmentally friendly, 100% solid (no VOCs, no solvent). The CPP Sprayable system is able to be applied ultra-high build (up to 350 mils per coat). For long-term maintainability, the CPP Sprayable system it ties back into itself indefinitely with no need for re-blasting or abrasion.