Proactive City Planning with Protective Coating

Epoxytec, a protective coating manufacturer based out of Hollywood, FL, promotes the idea of protecting and lining infrastructures prior to installation. Here are a few reasons why the most economical method of coating occurs at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or on newly constructed infrastructure:

      • The infrastructure is easy to access before it is installed.
      • There is no need for engineering or design costs associated with installing the coating system.
      • Surface preparation is minimal compared to infrastructure that has been in use.
      • Typically, the coating project are simple because corrosion has not yet occurred; thus the coating jobs do not involve repair aspects.
      • For every $1 spent of preventive maintenance, i.e., using protective coating before the service life of the infrastructure, you save $4 on repair and rehabilitation (
      • Interior and exterior coatings will prevent I&I from external forces while protecting against H2S internally rather than requiring repairs and protection after corrosion has occurred.

Proactive City Planning

Realizing the advantages and cost savings of using protective coatings prior to installation, this Florida city installs manholes pre-coated with Epoxytec’s Uroflex.

Epoxytec’s Uroflex is an example of a product that offers great preventive maintenance and is simple to apply by roller, brush or spray. Its one-to-one ratio also makes it easy to mix. It has a great film build for maximum service protection, especially with underground infrastructures such as collections, and it offers excellent chemical resistance. Uroflex is self-priming and flexible, and it can tie back to itself, making it an excellent choice when touch-ups are necessary. These are the types of characteristics that owners and OEMs should look for when deciding on protective coatings, especially when they are being applied prior to installation.

Coated Pipe

Unfortunately, waiting for damage and corrosion to occur often leads to costly repairs and problems that could have been prevented. Cities around the United States have been using Uroflex to pre-coat manholes before installation and are noticing the advantages of preventive coating protection. These cities are already benefiting from the cost advantages and savings.

Nov. 2016 by Michael Caputi, NACE Coating Inspector #12227, SSPC Certified Concrete Coating Inspector #090008