Septic Rehabilitation Solutions

Concrete septic tanks serve an important purpose in basic sewage treatment for residences: they act as a form of primary treatment for domestic wastewater flow. These underground chambers require proper maintenance and rehabilitation, when necessary, to prevent environmental contamination.

Due to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) damage, two domestic septic tanks, located in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, required minor surface repairs prior to being rehabilitated. With more than a century of combined experience in Canada’s protective coatings industry, independent coating distributor HDIM Protective Coatings recommended the use of Epoxytec’s Mortartec Cladliner. Mortartec Cladliner is a hybrid liner combining cement together with epoxy resin, an ideal product for this type of rehabilitation because it serves as a resurfacer and liner, all in one. In particular, the product offers acid resistance to protect from corrosion environments caused by H2S.

After water blasting for surface preparation, two coats of the Mortartec Cladliner were applied at ¼” to ½” using a notch trowel and then knocked down smoothly to attain the desired thickness and smoothness. With Alberta’s cool overnight weather, the curing times were slightly extended. In total, the project was completed in seven days: three days per tank and one day for cleanup and inspection.