A Speedy Return to Service with CPP Trowel-Liner

Time constraints are one of the most common challenges in manhole rehabilitation. There is often a need for a quick return to service due to possible bypassing, necessary traffic control, and other factors, as was the case with these Pennsylvania manholes. “Time was essential due to the need for traffic control and the necessity to return the manholes to service quickly,” noted Drew Frank, Service Coordinator of PSI Pumping Solutions, Service Department.

Dillsburg Area Authority was searching for a coating solution that would provide superior structural integrity with a quick return to service for three 5′ diameter x 8′ deep manholes. The manholes were in “fair” condition, however, there was potential for finding a proactive solution that would transform and upgrade them to “like new” condition and even better, extend the life of the infrastructure and prevent the manholes from further deterioration. This approach would thus provide Dillsburg Area Authority with a valuable return on its investment.

PSI’s Service Department was able to provide Dillsburg Area Authority with the solution they desired. Contractors specializing in construction, repair, and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment facilities and pumping stations, PSI Pumping Solutions, Inc. has a skilled workforce with extensive knowledge of the rehabilitation industry.

The product solution was found in Epoxytec’s flagship product, CPP Trowel-Liner (also available in sprayable form, known as CPP Sprayliner). This two-component epoxy compound is moisture tolerant and composed of 100% solids. Blended with reinforcing agents and various fibers, CPP Trowel-Liner creates reinforcement as a fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) with high flexural properties once cured. The characteristics of this product provided the desired strength and necessary rapid return to service needed by Dillsburg Area Authority.

After a bypass was complete, surface preparation included cleaning the substrate with water and abrasives to remove residual waste and loose particles. The product was mixed per application guidelines and troweled onto the surface. As a final step, the product cured, providing structural grade, and high mechanical strength properties to seal I&I. “I was very pleased with the ease of application and the final results,” said Chief Product Specialist, Gavin Whitcomb. “Finish on the product was very pleasing,” added Jesse Ritter.

Applicator PSI Pumping Solutions, Inc. seamlessly completed the rehabilitation of all three manholes within one day. “Clean-up was quick and simple,” stated Dustin Bailey. “We were very impressed with the speed of product delivery and with the exceptional availability of support from our representatives at Atlantic Coating Consultants (Tnemec/Epoxytec),” commented Clint Carey, Service Manager at PSI Pumping Solutions. The combination of the CPP Trowel-Liner product and PSI’s knowledgeable staff gave Dillsburg Area Authority the solution they were looking for and an upgrade in the condition of the manholes.