High-Build, Applied Epoxy Lining Systems: Which to Use and When to Specify

High-build, Applied Epoxy Liners

In this presentation, Epoxytec will introduce some of the most popular epoxy-based rehab and protective systems used today in water, wastewater, and sewer environments. These rehab and protective systems are primarily intended to restore deteriorated structures, seal to prevent I&I, and protect against H2S. Why does high-build epoxy lining typically outperform other polymer systems? Epoxies have been modernized and improved throughout the last several decades. From a formulation standpoint, epoxy systems have been designed to address specific water/wastewater project challenges. This has led to the development of high-build epoxies, hybrids, modifications, and various thicknesses. Attendees will learn more about these systems, explore some of the different high-build epoxy technologies entering the market today, and discover the advantages of high-build, 100 percent solid hybrid epoxy coatings, epoxy-modified-cementitious lining, and the increasingly popular ultra-high-build structural-grade epoxy lining.

Attendees will leave the presentation understanding what they need to consider in order to choose the correct product, depending on conditions, intentions, and expectations, and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various systems. The goal is for Epoxytec to assist those who have specific needs by equipping them to select the right rehab and protective system for their upcoming projects. The presentation will also help contractors learn about the Epoxytec advantage, and how to join its network of certified contractors to offer attractive warranties.