CLADLINER Brand Transitions to EPOXYTEC

CLADLINER (a brand of Epoxytec Intl, Inc) and its leadership are rebranding its product line into the EPOXYTEC brand.  Effective January 1, 2021, Epoxytec’s management will be offering the CLADLINER branded products with the following name changes and with Epoxytec’s branding:


  • Cladliner CLADLINER transitioning to Epoxytec Mortartec Cladliner
  • Cladliner CLADSEAL transitioning to Epoxytec Uroseal 45V. NOTE: Cladliner CLADSEAL, once transitioned to Epoxytec’s Uroseal 45V will no longer be available in yellow-gold color, but rather in grey color only.
  • Cladliner CLADSTOP 1 transitioning to Epoxytec Hydrxx-1
  • Cladliner CLADSTOP 3 transitioning to Epoxytec Hydrxx-3 Cladliner
  • CLADRESTORE transitioning to Epoxytec Mortartec Silicate

Please note that the transition period will take some months to complete. Therefore, until all inventory is sold, there may be occurrences when the CLADLINER brand will still be sold.  However, products are “equal” between both brands.

The Epoxytec team looks forward to supporting it’s customers, specifiers, and contractors during this transition, and it excited about growing the product line with Epoxytec nationwide branding.

Thank you,
Epoxytec Int’l Inc. Management