Preventative Maintenance on New Pre-Cast Manholes

Epoxytec was approached by a local Mooresboro, NC energy plant to perform preventative maintenance on three new, pre-cast manholes (D 7’; diameter 7’). Epoxytec specializes in protective coatings and has supplied and consulted on rehabilitative and protective solutions using epoxies, urethanes, and similar technologies since 1979. The energy plant wanted to protect its infrastructure and Epoxytec was able to provide them with their CPP Sprayliner solution.

Epoxytec CPP Sprayliner is a two-component, moisture-insensitive, highly adhesive, chemical-resistant, 100% solids, high-strength reinforced epoxy. Blended with reinforcing agents and various fibers, Epoxytec CPP Sprayliner when cured creates reinforcement lining as a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP), with high strength and flexural properties. It was applied by Hill Services, Epoxytec’s Certified CPP Sprayliner Contractor, using a 1:1 multi-component heated spray rig. Hill Services works with owners and engineers to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, and that preventative maintenance programs are designed correctly, with quality controls in place and enforced. Based on their assessment of the condition and the plant’s budget, Hill Services agreed that CPP Sprayliner was a superb choice.

A pressure wash was conducted as surface prep, to remove dust and mud covering the substrate. CPP Sprayliner was then spray-applied to the entire substrate at 250 mils, guaranteeing optimal protection for these valuable new structures.

“The customer was very pleased,” commented Nick Crone, Senior Account Manager of Hill Services. “The project was completed on time and within the short three-day window.”