When it Comes to Rehabilitation, Mortartec Cladliner is a Hole in One

The Problem: Cutting up the greens of a golf course to replace a deteriorating septic tank is hardly an ideal situation for a private country club. But when one of the concrete septic tanks at Burning Tree Country Club in Greenwich, CT, became severely deteriorated, replacement became a real option, although not a desirable one. That is, until Savy & Sons presented an effective and much more affordable solution rehabilitating the tank using Mortartec Cladliner products rather than replacing it.

Ralph Savy & Sons is a family-owned and operated, full-service contracting, masonry, and restoration firm in Connecticut that has been a coating expert in the rehabilitation industry for over 50 years. When presented with the deteriorating septic tank, they suggested using Mortartec Cladliner to restore it instead of replacing the structure.

Products That Out-perform: Mortartec Cladliner products, designed specifically for rehabilitating water/wastewater structures, combine the simplicity of a cementitious liner with the performance of a high-build epoxy liner. Mortartec Cladliner offers high chemical resistance and antimicrobial performance in a single system and addresses corrosion caused by acid attack, hydrogen sulfide, and inflow and infiltration (I&I), while also protecting concrete.

“This product is excellent and provides an affordable rehabilitation option for wastewater environments. It is a unique product that is backed with a ten-year warranty. This is by far the most cost-effective and longest guaranteed system on the market today.”— Ralph Savy of Savy & Sons Masonry.

Product Application: The surface preparation of the structure was like that of other coatings. A high-pressure blast with an oscillating nozzle removed any loose debris from the substrate before using a repair mortar to patch the most severely deteriorated areas. Mortartec Cladliner was then mixed in a 1:1 ratio and applied with an air gun in two half-inch coats to this 9’ x 16’ x 10.6’ structure. The entire project from start to finish was completed over a three-day period using three applicators.

A Final Look: Replacing this septic tank would have cost the owners at Burning Tree Country Club at least three times more than it cost to rehabilitate it, not to mention the closure and costly repair of the green. Using Mortartec Cladliner not only made for a quicker project repair but also a more effective, long-lasting solution. “The ease of application and the cleanup of tools and work area were all excellent. This is the best product we have ever used!”— Ralph Savy of Savy & Sons