Brick Manhole Restoration Using Mortartec Cladliner

Located in Brunswick, Georgia, this brick manhole measuring approximately 10’ deep and 4’ wide was in need of restoration due to the corrosion resulting from H2S, typical in wastewater environments. The manhole had almost a complete loss of mortar between the brick. In order to prevent total failure of this structure, Carylon Corporation (Bio-Nomic Services) was contacted by the Brunswick – Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission to restore this maintenance hole and protect it from further chemical attack.

In search of a material that could handle the extent of this deterioration, Mortartec Cladliner was selected. It is the next generation of hybrid epoxy liners and is designed specifically for manholes, vertical pipes, and any infrastructure in need of rehabilitation and protection within the collection system.

It can be effectively used as a resurfacer and liner in a single, simple application and can be used in wet, humid conditions typically found in manhole environments. For these reasons, Mortartec Cladliner was selected for this application and rehabilitation of this manhole was scheduled.

Surface preparation is often the key to determining the success or failure of a product. The crew ensured that all leaks and water flow had ceased them proceeded to prep. A high-power pressure cleaning was utilized to remove all of the lost bricks/materials. The manhole was cleaned and dried and the substrate surface was then inspected to verify that it was ready to accept lining. Mortartec Cladliner was spray-applied and back-troweled over to the specified thickness to resurface and line. The manhole was then closed and allowed to cure.

As is the case in many rehabilitation jobs, logistical reasons interfere with the ability of a crew to complete a job all at once. In the case of this Brunswick manhole, the crew’s schedule did not allow them to complete the entire job during its initial application. However, one of the main benefits of Mortartec Cladliner products is their ability to tie back into themselves indefinitely, allowing work to stop/start as needed.

Mortartec Cladliner was then applied, the structure was closed, and the material cured to deliver a long service cycle protecting against I&I and the H2S environment for years to come.

All parties involved in this manhole rehabilitation were impressed with the simplicity of the product. With an application as simple as cement but with the strength of epoxy, this manhole was restored, and will be protected from any further chemical attack. Using Mortartec Cladliner allowed the city to repair rather than replace this brick access hole, saving time and money.