Manhole Rehabilitation Made Simple Using Mortartec Cladliner

Epoxytec’s Mortartec Cladliner makes rehabilitating manholes simple and effective and leaves structures in “like new” condition after the application is complete. Located in the city of Bremerton, Washington, these two precast manhole rehabilitations are prime examples of what manhole restorations performed with Mortartec Cladliner products can look like.

The city of Bremerton contracted Hank Celigoy of Pro-Vac to complete the application. The two manholes were located about 50’ off the pavement in a wooded area near a hiking trail. The first manhole measured 6’ deep by 4’ in diameter, and the other was 10’ deep by 4’ diameter; there was fair access to both. The manholes were made of concrete (precast manhole), and they had medium to heavy exposed aggregate. Mortartec Cladliner was selected due to its ease of application and protective performance characteristics.

Mortartec Cladliner combines the simplicity of a cementitious liner with the performance of a high-build epoxy liner all in one product. It is made of 100% solids with no VOC’s, and it offers high chemical resistance and anti-microbial performance. It can be effectively used as a resurfacer and liner in a single, simple application, and it can be used in the wet, humid conditions typically found in manhole environments.

To begin this job, both manholes were pressure washed to remove any loose material from the walls and bases. One of the many positive features of Mortartec Cladliner is that it can be applied the same day as the pressure washing because moisture doesn’t affect its curing.

Once the surface was prepped, Mortartec Cladliner was mixed using a hand-held ½ inch drill and paddle mixer. The convenient packaging allows mixing right in the buckets in which the product is shipped. Mortartec Cladliner was then poured into the hopper of the Graco Toughtek S340E pump and sprayed on the wall at a thickness of 250 mils. After a short time, Mortartec Cladliner was hand-troweled to a smooth finish. In all, three crew members worked on this project for one day, 250 total square feet was covered between the two manholes.

Featured in CoatingsPro Magazine, 2017