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Epoxytec Repurposing its facility to make Hand Sanitizer

March 30, 2020/by Silvia Caputi

Aeration Chamber Rehabilitation

March 11, 2020/by Silvia Caputi

Rehabilitation Brings Chlorine Contact Chamber Back to Life

January 6, 2020/by Silvia Caputi

Outgassing 101– Coating pinholing and prevention methods

October 3, 2019/by Silvia Caputi

Five Reasons to Try Epoxytec’s CPP Sprayliner

September 23, 2019/by Silvia Caputi
chemical resistant coatings

FRP Lining Solutions for Infrastructure Rehabilitation

September 16, 2019/by Silvia Caputi

CPP Sprayliner’s Family of Products

June 14, 2019/by Silvia Caputi

Preventative Maintenance on New Pre-cast Manholes

June 12, 2019/by Silvia Caputi

CPP Sprayliner for Manhole Rehabilitation

April 13, 2019/by Silvia Caputi

Pump Station Upgrade using Epoxytec’s UME System

December 27, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Introducing New CPP Sprayliner Products

September 21, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Rehab Solutions for Water and Wastewater Tanks

September 12, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Pump Station Rehabilitation

August 17, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Rehabilitation of Digester Including Crack Repairs

July 12, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Conquering Challenging Rehab Situations – Structural Epoxy Lining System Restores Culvert Pipe Integrity

July 6, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Containment Area Repair Using Uroflex

June 21, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Riviera Beach Lift Station Rehabilitation

January 16, 2018/by Silvia Caputi
NACE Inspector

Epoxytec’s Newest NACE Inspector

January 16, 2018/by Silvia Caputi

Rehabilitation of Concrete Oxygen Trains

May 22, 2017/by Silvia Caputi

CPP Sprayable

January 9, 2017/by Silvia Caputi

Proactive City Planning with Protective Coating

November 17, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

UME System Rehabilitates Miami-Dade Water Storage Tank

September 29, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Brick Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Using Epoxytec’s Mortartec Ceramico

August 31, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Riviera Beach Lift Station Rehabilitation

July 25, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Dew Point Considerations with Protective Coatings

June 23, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Manhole Restoration Using Epoxytec’s Mortartec and Uroflex Combination

May 17, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Brick Sewer Manhole Made Stronger Than New

April 27, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Epoxytec’s Uroflex stands the test of time

February 10, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Otters Love Epoxytec Too!

January 11, 2016/by Silvia Caputi

Elko Water Reclamation Facility Concrete Infrastructure Rehabilitation

December 4, 2015/by Michael Caputi

Conquering Challenging Rehab Situations – Structural Epoxy Lining System Restores Culvert Pipe Integrity

October 22, 2015/by Silvia Caputi

Top 5 Reasons Why Using Certified Contractors in the Bid Process is Beneficial

October 20, 2015/by Silvia Caputi

Miami-Dade Wastewater Clarifier Trough Lining with Epoxytec Uroflex

October 14, 2015/by Silvia Caputi

Three Common Coating Mistakes Made During Winter Months

September 30, 2015/by Silvia Caputi

What Should Contractors Look for in a Good Certified Applicator Network?

September 30, 2015/by Silvia Caputi

Chemical Resistance of High-Performance Epoxy Modified Mortar in Wastewater Environments

September 22, 2015/by Silvia Caputi

The Township of Exeter, Berks County, PA Wastewater Dept. Epoxytec’s Newest DIY

August 10, 2015/by Silvia Caputi

Whitpain Township Joins Epoxytec’s Growing DIY Program

December 2, 2014/by Silvia Caputi
grease trap

Grease Trap Rehab and Lining – 33rd St, Orange County Florida

August 28, 2014/by Silvia Caputi

Daily Progress – Dec 2010 Issue – Municipal Sewer and Water

December 2, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer, SD Influent Pipe – interior epoxy repair

November 4, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Escambia County Transfer Station, Tipping Floor – Rehab & Protection

November 1, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Storm Drains & Culverts, NAS JAX – concrete rehab and epoxy lining

October 18, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Plugging the Gaps – July 2010 Issue – Municipal Sewer and Water

August 6, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Rehabilitation of Lift Station, North Miami Public Works Department – concrete lining

April 30, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Accelator Clarifier Rehabilitation, City of Pompano Beach – steel rehab and coating with NSF Certified epoxy

April 13, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Main Influent Pipe Lining, City of Tampa – lining with structural epoxy at pipe bends

March 22, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Wastewater Clarifier Trough Rehabilitation, City of West Palm Beach – concrete resurfacing and coating

February 6, 2010/by Michael Caputi

Manhole Chimney Seals, Kentucky Horse Park- Rehab with Structural Epoxy Coating

February 2, 2010/by Michael Caputi

UV Chambers, College Station Utilities- protective coating of concrete

February 1, 2010/by Michael Caputi