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Water and Wastewater Coatings

Applied Liners, Protective Coatings & Advanced Repair Products


Browse through system design recommendations and product data sheets to obtain drafted specs and guidelines for your project.


Find an Epoxytec trained, certified applicator for your water and wastewater rehab and coating projects. Interested in becoming a Certified Epoxytec Contractor?  Learn more.


“Your Crew Can Make It Happen”
Learn more about Epoxytec’s proven Do-It-Yourself program for in-house municipal sanitary sewer maintenance crews.

Repair. Protect. Maintain.

High performance products that work where others fail!

Established in 1990, Epoxytec manufactures specialty protective coatings and repair compounds with a specific focus on providing interior lining solutions for water and wastewater environments. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, Epoxytec collaborates with asset owners, engineers, and certified contractors to provide rehabilitative lining solutions worldwide. Commonly applied at a thickness of over 125 mils, Epoxytec’s structural grade epoxy is designed to deliver an ultra-high build, high strength lining that incorporates micronized reinforcement to seal against inflow and infiltration (I&I) and provide corrosion protection. In 2021, Epoxytec joined the Tnemec family of coatings, and continues to evolve and supply the coating industry with quality products offering unique advantages for challenging wastewater conditions.  

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