Miami-Dade Water & Sewer, SD Influent Pipe – interior epoxy repair

In-house (DIY) crews at Miami-Dade County’s Water & Sewer Department access a large diameter sewer main influent pipe for internal concrete and ring repair.

The 100% solid epoxy selected for the repair is the Epoxytec CPP.

Recently verified by the EPA-ETV program.

Epoxytec CPP provides a hassle free, quick return ability to structurally patch in harsh and logistically challenging environments.


Epoxytec’s CPP is a 100% solid epoxy, designed to be applied by trowel. The CPP system is formulated to provide a structural liner (with ultra-high flexural strength and properties), coating, or structural epoxy for repair, patching and rehabilitation of physical infrastructure and protection against corrosion.

The CPP technology is unique and proprietary, allowing for a polymer with outperforming performance in protection, adhesion and tolerance. CPP is formulated “green,” environmentally friendly, 100% solid (no VOCs, no solvent). The CPP system is easy-to-apply trowel. CPP is able to be applied feather-edge thin to ultra-high build. For long-term maintainability, the CPP system it ties back into itself indefinitely with no need for re-blasting or abrasion.


Miami-Dade Water & Sewer – Blackpoint, FL, USA
Large Diameter Influent Sewer Main
Epoxy Patching & Repair
January 2010

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