Miami-Dade Wastewater Clarifier Trough Lining with Epoxytec Uroflex

When comparing the use of protective epoxy coatings in new construction verse rehabilitation environments, coatings are more frequently used to restore and rehabilitate structures rather than to coat newly constructed facilities. Often times, protective coatings are ignored in new construction environments, although this is actually where they can be most beneficial.

Real savings can take place when owners realize the value of coating their new structures and protecting them from corrosion right from the start. For every $1 spent on preventative maintenance today, $4 is saved on future rehabilitation (NACE International).

In time, damage from corrosion can cost owners time and money because rehabilitation will be inevitable in structures that are not coated. By protecting the structure before the damage is done, the owner is extending the life of the facility and keeping the integrity of the structure.



Miami Dade’s Wastewater Department is a prime example of this “thinking ahead” mentality. Prior to putting a newly constructed clarifier trough into service, Epoxytec’s Specified Coating System was applied to protect against the harsh corrosive Florida conditions.   The concrete walls and floors of this newly constructed wastewater clarifier trough were coated with Epoxytec’s Uroflex, meeting non-immersive and immersed requirements.


Concrete clarifier trough, primed with Epoxytec concrete primer.

Miami 6

Plural component spray rig ready for Epoxytec Uroflex


1st coat of Uroflex getting spark tested for holiday detection

The clarifier trough was primed first.  Soon after, the Uroflex coating was sprayed (1st coat) during the evening hours, when temperatures dropped to reduce occurrences of out-gassing and pinholing. After spraying, film thickness was verified to ensure that the mils were correct and the holes were filled before applying the second coat of Uroflex.

Once cured, the Uroflex provided a barrier for the clarifier trough, protecting it from ultra-violet rays, erosion, and microbial corrosion. The high-gloss surface provides resistance to algae rooting in the concrete, thus creating an easy-to-clean solution.

Miami 8

Final coat of Uroflex receiving holiday testing


2 coats at 25 mils each (total DFT @ 50 mils)

The final coating of Epoxytec Uroflex completed the UME Composite System, a highly recommended system for lining wastewater tank structures.  The dry film thickness was 50 mils total DFT.


Miami-Dade Water & Sewer – Clarifier Trough Coating
Spray Applied, Urethane Modified Epoxy  (UME Composite System)
Epoxytec Certified Contractor – Exceletech Coatings and Applications