Condominium Service Level Floor, Concrete Architectural Non-skid Epoxy Floor – L’Hermitage (Fort Lauderdale, FL – USA)

L’Hermitage II – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Lower Level Condominium Service Halls, Loading Docks, Garbage Shoot Floors
High Performance, Architectural Non-Skid Quartz Granule Epoxy Floor System
February 2, 2004
(performed by an Epoxytec certified applicator)

The lower levels of L’Hermitage Condominium required an epoxy system to protect the concrete against corrosives such as detergents, loading dock and receiving wear, garbage disposal and servicing, etc. However, the area was also the lower level entrance from the parking garage where tenants would walk the halls to the elevators. The Board of the association requested a safety coating, a non-slip so that normal foot traffic would not be prone to slip with a high coefficient of friction compliant to ADA requirements as specified by NACE/SSPC.

After addressing cracks with Epoxytec CPP, a concrete epoxy filler, the total surface was blasted via shot blasting in order to profile the surface while reducing dust.

After all surface preparation was completed, the first coating applied was a primer designed to prevent moisture vapor transmission (MVT) as a precaution. Epoxytec B2 Primer, is a water based epoxy primer always recommended on floors to help with any MVT, reduce off-gassing, and prevent pinholing on subsequent coats, and improve bond strength.

The 1st coat of epoxy was applied. Epoxytec CRM Modified is a popular selection when working with color quartz granules for anti-slip. The coating is clear and thick, allowing for a prefect formulation to embed granules into the coating. The color can be customized to any variation as the color comes strictly from the mixing of course color media not the epoxy.

While the Epoxytec CRM Modified is still wet, the granules are broadcasted on the coating – moving from section to section.

The excess granules are removed the following day by blower, vacuum, or sweeping. After which, the process is repeated again – two coats, at about 25 mils each for a total of 50 mils each granular coat.

Once the two granular coats are completed, an optional top coat was requested for added gloss, and better mopping and cleaning capability.

Considering the application is indoor (and therefore, U.V. was not a concern), the top coat was applied with the same epoxy – the Epoxytec CRM Modified.

With the final top coat – the total system applied was 4 coat steps (1 prime coat, 2 granular coats, 1 top coat) for a total of 60 – 75 mils DFT.

After the hallways were completed, the applicator then proceeded to the loading dock areas. The coating is durable enough to combat the wear and abuse of loading dock area operations, resist the refuse chemicals and contaminants, and can be pressured cleaned with detergents without adversely effecting the coating.

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