Bathroom Floor, Architectural Non-Skid Epoxy Floor Coating – concrete floor coating

The flooring project was part of a restroom restoration project. The concrete floor was bare (new slab pour, and fully cured), and water blasted before the epoxy flooring project proceeded.

To control off-gassing, the use of Epoxytec B2 Primer (water based epoxy primer) was selected prior to the coating application.

Non-Slip 3M Color Quartz Granules were broadcasted to embed the first coat of epoxy coating (Epoxytec CRM Modified).

Anti slip epoxy systems are often selected in bathroom areas as a safety feature to prevent falls by increasing the ADA recommended coefficient of friction and seal the concrete from corrosion and contamination.

The final top coat is applied to seal the valleys of the granules in order to make it easier to mop or clean. Sanitation is key when dealing with public restrooms, and top coating an epoxy traction system will seal the granules to assist with cleaning. However, using a thin coat is necessary in order to ensure that traction is still sufficient and that the coated aggregate granules still peak through the final top coat.


Saint Maurice Church – Hollywood, Florida, USA
Restroom Epoxy Flooring, Non Skid / Anti Slip
(performed by an Epoxytec certified applicator)
February 4, 2004

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