Our Global Mission

To be a highly respected, globally recognized brand of coating and repair solutions which extend the life of physical infrastructures worldwide, and promote global economic prosperity by extending the life of physical infrastructures.

To have an international portfolio of high performance product solutions which repair, protect, and maintain physical infrastructure in the most cost effective for the long term while maintaining a consistently high level of service.

Our Company Culture & Values

For our leaders…


Persistence finds the solution to every problem.  We do not give up on challenges that seem impossible to overcome.  We assemble the right team, obtain the right tools, and confront the challenge until we gain the knowledge and learn so we can find the solution.

To comply with our mission statement, “…delivered with a high level of service,” we do not deliver, until we ask ourselves … is this our best?  We give it our best, or nothing.

Leaders serve their team.  Our clients come in contact with our team every day; our priority as leaders is to serve our people so they can ultimately provide the best service for our clients.

For our clients...

Consistency equals professionalism.

Listen, then deliver specific value.  We do not sell anything, we deliver value.  The product is simply a tool of value.

Just do what’s right.

We build relationships first to enhance the buying experience.  Doing this makes the experience more meaningful and enjoyable.

For the business…

Test and measure.  We can’t improve what we don’t measure.  A close look at our results is necessary to work smart.

Without people, nothing happens – we recruit, develop, and retain the best people.

Under promise, over deliver.  We meet and exceed on the promise we make and set expectations accordingly.
For the community…

Our success influences others.  The law of attraction states that if we grow profitably and successfully, we inspire other companies in our area and in the industry. This creates opportunities within our community.

There’s a difference between connecting and marketing.  More megaphones don’t equal better dialogue.  We listen intently to the soul of the industry, our people, our clients, and those within our community to develop professional friendships.

The economy, whether micro, macro, within your family unit, or business unit is a connected mechanism that doesn’t respect selfishness.  Instead, we’re rewarded for being generous. We are generous with our time and money, but more importantly, generous with our art in what we do.

For our people…

Work Smart, Play Hard

Work smart by dividing to multiple, learning mistakes, and achieving productivity effectively.  We prescribe to the 80/20 rule… we focus on the 80% with effective work flow and time-management, high probability prospecting, and personal improvement.  The other 20% of our time, we try to figure out how it can be done smartly – once, so that it works for us continuously.  Once this is achieved, work becomes a vehicle to achieve our personal goals.


We create a safe environment for feedback, learning, and risk taking.


We work harder on ourselves than we do on our jobs.  Working on ourselves as a priority indirectly builds our company and provides us with a brighter future. Epoxytec invests time for personal growth.