Rehabilitate and Protect Water & Wastewater Structures

Serving the Water & Wastewater industry with an emphasis to protect the environment and human health.  Epoxytec delivers sustainability by protecting against corrosion and extending the life of infrastructure lining and rehab systems sought after to seal from inflow/infiltration (I&I), ex-filtration, and to protect from sulfuric, H2S chemical attack found throughout the sewer and water systems. Explore the specific design systems for rehab and lining of tanks (treatment structures), lift stations (and various pump station infrastructure), manholes (and other access and maintenance holes), and pipe (sewer collection systems and large diameter water main).

Below are waster and wastewater rehab and lining system overviews which will lead you to design guidelines and specs for specific structures.  If you are seeking product specific information please visit the Epoxytec product section.

Tanks and other processing or treatment plant fluid flow structures.

Lift stations, pump stations and other wet well environments.

Sanitary sewer manholes, maintenance holes, and similar access structures.

Sewer collection systems, pipe and large diameter water main.


  • Concrete Tank Lining Systems

    Protect new concrete tanks and rehabilitate aged tanks subjected to corrosion using one of 2 popular concrete tank lining systems.

  • Steel Tank Lining Systems

    Protect new steel tanks and rehabilitate corroded, rusted and worn steel tanks with steel tank lining system options.

Lift Stations

  • Steel Lift Station Lining Systems

    Protect new steel lift stations and rehabilitate existing stations subjected to corrosion using steel lift station lining systems.


  • Manhole Rehabilitation Systems

    Explore various rehabilitation and lining methods for manholes. Systems include traditional epoxy composite lining and ultra-high performance structural-grade lining.

  • DIY Program for Municipal Crews

    Epoxytec’s DIY Program is now available for municipal crews seeking to rehab and install protective lining to collection system manholes and access structures.  Learn more.


  • Structural Pipe Lining Systems

    Epoxytec offers a specific system which is cost effective, efficient, uncomplicated, and structurally engineered to tackle preventive maintenance and aging pipeline needs for a rejuvenating its intended design with in situ methods.

  • Pipe Corrosion Prevention

    Where the structural integrity of your pipe has not been compromised, corrosion prevention liners ensure a proper method to extend the life expectancy of pipeline infrastructure.