Wastewater Grit Channel – City of Klamath Falls – concrete rehabilitation & protective coating

City of Klamath Falls, Oregon-USA
Grit Channel
January 21,2009

Examining the wastewater treatment plant grit channel at Klamath Falls, Oregon unveiled a deteriorating situation where abrasion and erosion, combined with hydrogen sulfide accelerates the original concrete’s rate of corrosion.

To remedy the effects of corrosion, the City turned to Epoxytec for an outperforming material that is safe and easy to self-apply in order to restore and line the channel in a one-shot application. Approaching the project in-house, saved the City a consideration amount of money; doing so was possible with Epoxytec’s DIY product line and support.

The material selected was Epoxytec 17G – a forgiving, tolerant, and simple to apply epoxy grout. Providing a solution to rebuild concrete and protectively line it in a one-shot application. The material is 100% solid with no solvents (zero VOCs). Exhibiting an ultra-dense 17,800 psi compressive strength, provides the channel a sealed and abrasion resistant epoxy-based slab. The material installation will rebuild and provide a long-lasting brute barrier to extend the maintenance life of the channel for years to come.

Epoxytec 17G being applied by trowel.

Epoxytec 17G provides a simply to maintain, easy to apply, and durable barrier epoxy slab. Great for all wastewater structures.

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