Warehouse Floor, Protective Epoxy Floor Coating – Dallas 1 Corporation (Thonotosassa, FL – USA) – concrete epoxy-urethane floor coating

Dallas 1 Corporation – Thonotosassa, Florida, USA
Warehouse Garage Epoxy Flooring (High Gloss)
September 2006

The smooth concrete surface profile required abrasive blasting and surface preparation according to SSPC SP-13/NACE No.6 “Surface Preparation of Concrete.”

After proper prep, Epoxytec’s certified contractor utilized a water-borne epoxy primer called Epoxytec B2 Primer. The primer is ideal for floors; being water based, moisture does not hinder its ability to penetrate and cure properly (in fact, it helps with absorption). In addition, the deep penetration and saturation allows for a cured, and sealed barrier against the annoying forces of out-gassing, hydrostatic pressure, and moisture vapor transmission. These advantages are very beneficial, and in addition, the primer provides better bond strength without compromising the blasted profile.

Primer detailing by brush.

The Epoxytec B2 Primer is color-indicating. When the primer turns to clear, the top coat is ready to be applied. For a durable, high gloss, protective and easy-to-apply solution – the Epoxytec SLF was selected as a top coat epoxy floor coating. The SLF is a 100% solid, urethane-modified-epoxy (UME).

1st coat of Epoxytec SLF is being applied at 10 – 15 mils dry-film-thickness (DFT).

The SLF top coat material is simply to use, simply roll, squeegee, or spray. For this project, rollers were selected.

Completing the 1st coat and moving onto the 2nd coat of 10 – 15 mils. The total DFT is being targeted at 20 – 30 mils.

The completed project took place in 2006. The material will perform and provides maintainability, as recoating or touch-ups can be performed indefinitely as the recoat window stays open and requires no major prep – just simply clean and reapply if needed.

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