Motorcycle Trailer, Non-skid Epoxy, Wood Floor – XTR Speed (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)

XTR Speed – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Wood Motorcycle Trailer
High Performance, Architectural Non-Skid Epoxy Floor
February 20, 2004
(performed by an Epoxytec certified applicator)

The owner of XTR Speed sought a solution from Epoxytec in order to provide a durable, high performance coating for race bike storage, servicing, and showcasing. The floor that needed to be addressed was wood, and required a coating that could incorporate non-skid granules, yet be topcoated for easy cleaning. On a technical note, Epoxytec required a coating system that was chemical resistant, sealed the wood, and had good elongation as flexibility during with road traffic, driving, and hinge opening/closing could present a challenge.

The coating system selected was CRM Modified; exhibiting great elongation, performance, and durability.

The CRM Modified system is a clear high build epoxy, used with granules (in this case, black and blue) provided an ideal solution to the challenges a moving trailer presented and the durability requirements of holding up to chemical and hot tires.

Close-up of granules – 3M Color Quartz.

The swing door is hinged and required the Epoxytec CRM Modified to bridge abuse and vibration.

Top coating with the Epoxytec SLF (in clear) provided an attractive high gloss finish and an easier surface to clean, yet thin enough to expose coated granule peak for continued non-skid, anti-slip.

3 Coat system: 1 coat of Epoxytec primer @ 5 mils, 1 coat of Epoxytec CRM Modified (with mixed granules) @ 18 – 20 mils, 1 top coat of Epoxytec SLF (clear) @ 12 – 15 mils. Total DFT = 35 – 40 mils.

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