Riviera Beach Lift Station Rehabilitation

The City of Riviera Beach is ready to move forward on plans to rehabilitate Lift Station #10.  Located near Florida waterways, this lift station has experienced the H20 attack and salt contamination on its pipes that is typical throughout South Florida’s infrastructure.





Epoxytec, in conjunction with its certified applicator, Southland Painting, will be completing this rehabilitation project with Epoxytec’s UME Composite System designed for lift stations. This system will use one coat of Ceramico and two coats of Uroflex on the walls, ceiling, and floor. In addition, the pipes will be replaced, coated with Uroflex, and sealed with CPP where the pipes meet the wall. Surface preparation of 40,000 psi UHP water jetting is set to be complete during the last week of July.  Stay tuned for details on project completion.


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