Why join Epoxytec’s Certified Applicator Network?

Epoxytec Certified Applicator (ECA)

Epoxytec trains and certifies contractors throughout the world.  Applying online will provide us the basic information we need to get you started.

        • Once your application is submitted, an Epoxytec consultant will be assigned to you in order to review and discuss our program in detail. Options for training will be discussed with you as well.  After you submit your application, your assigned Epoxytec consultant will reach out to you.

        • Becoming certified will require basic training, depending on your type of certification needs, therefore some prerequisites may require review.

Once certified, your company will be listed on our website as a “certified” contractor.  You will inherit the qualification stating that your company was trained on material application standards, surface prep requirements, and handling in order to bid on projects requesting this status and prerequisite.