Introducing two New Members of the CPP Sprayliner Family!

Product Announcement

These products are all compatible with the same piece of equipment, so you can simply plug-and-play to switch versions as needed! With today’s exciting announcement, Epoxytec now has three sprayable versions of CPP that work with our recommended heated, 1:1 plural component equipment.

CPP Sprayliner MH

A more economical version of the popular CPP Sprayliner formulated specifically for sanitary sewer collection systems with underground utility jobs in mind (e.g., manholes, cylindrical lift stations, pipe). 100% solid, high-build structural grade amine epoxy lining with high moisture tolerance, H2S resistance, and sealed I&I barrier protection.
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Sprayliner MH

CPP Sprayliner 61

A cousin of the regular CPP Sprayliner engineered for potable drinking water structures with ANSI/NSF-61 certification. 100% solid, high-build structural grade epoxy lining utilizing a blended cycloaliphatic curing system.
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CPP Sprayliner

The original 100% solid, high-build structural grade epoxy lining. Advanced system formulated with proprietary fiber reinforcement and polymer enhancements for severe wastewater protection. Built with enhancements and a blended cycloaliphatic curing system to optimize moisture tolerance and provide tensile and flexural strength for large-diameter tanks and large wall interior linings. Added crosslinking for high chemical resistance (ultra-high H2S and other chemicals) and service abrasion resistance in harsh WWTP environments. Used for closed, partially open, and open tanks with UV stabilization and freeze/thaw tolerance.
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CPP Sprayliner