Flat Roof, White Elastomeric Coating – The Trump Group (Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

The Trump Group – Miami Beach, Florida, USA
404 Washington (South Beach)
White Elastomeric Roof Coating
Ponding Water Resistance and Sealing
January 18, 2008

When Taylor & Mathis consulted Epoxytec in search of a simple-to-apply, DIY type roof coating we knew they came to the right place. One characteristic that distinguishes Epoxytec from the competitors is that Epoxytec does in fact manufacturer a line for Do-It-Yourselfers, termed the DIY Program.

The building located at 404 Washington (owned by The Trump Group) is located in Southern Florida, and is a landmark at the famous beach strip on Miami Beach locals call – South Beach.

This fact is important in order to describe the environmental impact on the roof. South Florida is known for high humidity, rain, heat and being by the beach salt fog. Most coatings cannot cope with these challenges, yet alone perform well and be applied by Do-It-Yourselfers.

The roof system called for a white coating to reduce the absorbtion of heat and increase AC efficiency, an important benefit most South Floridians specify.

In addition, the coating system needed to be specific to roofing – it needed to bond and tie into a previously installed bitumen modified system, be elastomeric, and be a monolithic sealed system that will protect the roof, seal from infiltration, and tolerate ponding water.

Being applied in-house, the material also need to be safe, surface and moisture tolerant, and easy-to-use (applied by roller or squeegee).

The recommended and applied system was Epoxytec Elastoroof PW.

Being elastomeric, the use of reinforcement tape is an added reassuring system that can be incorporated with the Elastoroof coating for joint sealing reinforcement.

The white elastomeric roof coating can be applied by roller at the convenience of the crew, in sections or in its entirety.

Applying the Elastoroof PW coating throughout the entire surface, including over the reinforcement taped joints.

The roof coating system is applied monolithically in two coats for total dry film thickness of circa 20 mils.

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