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Junction Chamber, City of Tampa Wastewater Department (Tampa, FL, USA) – epoxy concrete repair & patch liner

City of Tampa, Wastewater Department – Tampa, FL, USA Trowel-applied, Structural Epoxy – for use in concrete repairs and as a sectional liner (T-Lock tie-in)Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant – JC1August 11, 2009(certified contractor: Service Painting of Florida)The City of Tampa invited Epoxytec and Service Painting of Florida (certified Epoxytec applicator) to the […]

Main Influent Pipe Lining, City of Tampa – lining with structural epoxy at pipe bends

City of Tampa, Wastewater Department – Tampa, FL, USA Pipe lining, concrete repair and rebuild – hand-laid sectional and structural epoxy pipe liner at the 90 degree bend. Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility March 2010 Epoxytec Certified Contractor: Vac-Vision Environmental, LLC. Certified contractor, Vac-Vision Environmental paired with Epoxytec to assist in a pipe […]

Manhole Chimney Seals, Kentucky Horse Park- Rehab with Structural Epoxy Coating

Kentucky Horse Park, Fayette County Utilities – Lexington, KY, USA Epoxytec Certified Applicator: Municipal and Contractor Sealing Products, Inc. Rehabilitation and sealing of concrete manhole chimney with structural epoxy paste. January, 2010 Epoxytec and their certified contractor were called upon to rehabilitate some manhole chimneys that were corroding and leaking. The area of the chimney […]

Manhole Rehabilitation, Rockdale County Water Resources (Rockdale County, GA, USA) – Epoxytec DIY Program training

Rockdale County Water Resources – Rockdale County, GA, USATrowel-applied, Structural Epoxy for use in manhole rehabilitationJuly 2009Epoxytec DIY Program – municipalIn July of 2009, Rockdale County, GA contacted Epoxytec for help in dealing with water infiltration in their aging manhole infrastructure. Rockdale County is situated just South of Atlanta, GA. Epoxytec recommended the use of […]

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Stretches Tax Dollars

A simple in-house project can be another cost saving tool in the tool box In-House rehabilitation projects – “Do-It Yourself” by Dr. Elena Ubals 2009 In a challenging economy, where budgets are restrictive and revenues are stagnant or declining, many municipalities still face the real and potentially costly problem of infrastructure rehabilitation. After all, just […]

Motorcycle Trailer, Non-skid Epoxy, Wood Floor – XTR Speed (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)

XTR Speed – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USAWood Motorcycle TrailerHigh Performance, Architectural Non-Skid Epoxy Floor February 20, 2004(performed by an Epoxytec certified applicator)The owner of XTR Speed sought a solution from Epoxytec in order to provide a durable, high performance coating for race bike storage, servicing, and showcasing. The floor that needed to be addressed was […]